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The language of real estate is built on exaggeration and hyperbole. So how do you communicate an authentic human truth in an industry conditioned to run on hype? I’m Eric Christiansen, founder of Bellevue Realty Group. The North Shore is my home.  It’s where I laid down roots and chose to raise a family. Over the years, people have learned they can count on me personally as their friend and neighbour—and professionally as their realtor. 

Since 2003, I’ve quietly sold more homes each year here—than any other realtor.  That’s every year.  For 20 years. No hype. No exaggeration. No bait and switch. 

How do I do it?  It starts with three decades of experience coupled with a true local’s understanding of this community. I listen carefully to the vision you have for your family and then I go to work—getting you the best value for the home of your dreams.

Like everyone at Bellevue Realty Group. BRG is an inclusive, values-driven organization built on a culture of fair-play and mutual respect. Realtors here are chosen for their character first—then their track record. While everyone is an independent, our unique environment is supportive and collaborative. Sharing insights and providing a 360° perspective to ensure you’re making the right decisions, at the right time.

Whether you’re buying or selling your home, this is the kind of commitment and synergy you can expect from Bellevue Realty Group. With every property. Every time. You have my word on that.



#105 – 2228 Marstrand Avenue

793 Premier Street

#315 – 1295 Richards Street

4650 Cherbourg Drive

2878 Bellevue Avenue

#702 – 1171 Jervis Street

3741 Marine Drive

#304 -2485 Larch Street

2478 Ottawa Avenue

6460 Rosebery Avenue

3003 Burfield Place

3263 Heather Street

1830 St. Denis Road

3797 Bayridge Avenue

#207 – 6707 Nelson Avenue

6275 Taylor Drive

4555 Piccadilly North

1015 Greenwood Place

3609 Creery Avenue

3664 McKechnie Avenue

#509 – 36 Water Street

4952 Meadfeild Road

4675 Clovelly Walk